Use Cases

Check out how LionRT can benefit various scenarios across industries.

Warranty Limitations


We turn liability agreements between manufacturers and customers a living document that can be incorporated with Real-Time metadata of almost any format type. Incorporate IoT and automated reconciliations to your flow for knowing your goods were not damaged in transit prior to use.

Blockchain Customer Experience


The addition of QR scannable metadata on products and inside brick-and-mortar stores adds depth to the customer experience. Use beacons to create a living system that interacts with your customers, and provides insights made available by metadata that was approved for sharing.

Construction Process


Your ability to track discrete units of operations in detail is unhindered when you use the LionRT blockchain and graphical database. Graphs build relationships, and these define the basis of access to your data that never changes and is available anywhere on-demand. Establish proof for certifications, and have the ability to share the story of creation with public metadata configurations in a variety of statistical and non-statistical outputs.

Blood Chain


Cold chain monitoring devices are used to identify whether conditions can damage your products in Real-Time. We bridge the data to initiate your desired response mechanisms, and issue messages to other devices to power on or off devices for industrial automations.

Engine Manufacturing


Prior to a vendor dispatching an order, they have participated in an existing and independent vendor life cycle flow. We enhance these fields to incorporate critical testing data for compliancy and automated reconciliations on order dispatches. All you have to do is require the vendor to follow your new and enhanced protocol.



Incorporate the LionRT SDK, API, and devices for building IoT integrated on-demand systems integrated with configurable response mechanisms to prior areas of the supply chain. Plug our devices in to your stores, warehouses, and vehicles to create accountability, protect consumers, and make everything from your store to your lockers more smart than they already are.

Cologne Manufacturing


Take control of your brand and reputation with our quality verification services. Your customers will be one-scan away from knowing that the products for sale are originals. We make transacting dominion and control a one-step process between registered 3PLs.