Data management and analysis tools to help improve value chains and offered by LionRT.

Machine Learning

Extract value from customers, 3PLs, & IoT data.

  • Monitors & detects exceptions to your needs
  • Greater insight + custom exception rules
  • Assistance at any stage of data pipelines
IoT devices and integrations for deeper insights to value chains offered by LionRT.


Get data and make actions.

  • Local network configurations
  • Machine-to-machine communications
  • Free sensors & replacements on cold chain subscriptions
Connect real-time 3PL partner data with secure network bridges with LionRT.

3PLs & Customers

Ecosystems nodes data in one location.

  • Secure network mesh of 3PL partners
  • Configures with open source toolings
  • View your chains like never before
  • Turnkey API is plug-&-play
Exception liability management tools for the Last-Mile

Anonymous Functions

Gather data at each of your ecosystem's nodes.

  • Run internal functions with encrypted bitcode
  • Enhanced responses at any stage of a value chain
  • Engagements with data from 3PL partners and customers