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Protect perishables

Accessible anytime and anywhere technologies with team building & management are essential for today's logistics companies.

Eliminate uncertainty, deliver total control of when, who, and how goods were handled with new proprietary graph databases that tracks and records goods from their raw-material stage until they're delivered in Last-Mile Logistics.

Instantaneous Paperless

Whether you are delivering to a customer in the Last-Mile, a warehouser, processing plant, or another player in the supply chain we can automate your transactions process. Save time with our automated inspections, and offload your customer service and disputes to us.

It's just the beginning, we file instantaneous and validated insurance claims during those traditionally nasty instances when non-conformance exists and someone really cared about it.


LionRT Last-Mile Logistics

customer care | dispute resolutions | automated claims

Customer Care

Individual and fleet LML operators can focus on their bottom-line and offload expensive and time intensive operations.

Dispute Resolutions

LionRT supply chain graph database tracks performances leading up to LML. Liability management with evidence.

Automated Claims

Secure & validated claims are processed and managed on your behalf. Avoid false claims with evidence & analysis.

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Logistics Support Designed for the Last-Mile

  •  onboarding and compliance regulations meeting federal guidelines
  •  Real-Time monitoring, feedback, and organizational access
  •  envrionmentally friendly technologies as reported by the EPA.
  •  automated exception analysis to handle customer claims
  •  human support to handle your disputes and claims
  •  add eDelivery support from smart cargo and locker
  •  machine & business automations driving seamless experience to your organization and customers
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Last-Mile Specific Operations

validated claims
automated claims response
customer experience
two-way masked communications
dynamic routing
evidence-based protection

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