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What's in a name.

The “Lion” in our name stands for “Lithium-ion”, and the “RT” for “Real-Time” and “alerts”. Our wireless sensor network technology and monitoring systems are engineered to protect and monitor sensitive and perishable goods, items, and investments. The LionRT™ family of devices are made with environmentally conscious solutions ranging from recycled materials to sustainable and renewable sources of energy. At LionRT™, we live to address the challenges of how wireless network technologies can protect your interests, and help manage the liability of our clients. We develop monitoring and network solutions to improve logistics & supply chains, automate monitoring with intelligent analytics reporting, and to keep valuable perishable goods away from the danger zone.

Our Culture

Our team of engineers lead every step of the way to make it known no detail is too small, and no feat too great, for delivering the highest quality in wireless sensor networks and monitoring available today. In fact, LionRT™ employees are proud members of the workforce that were hand selected by other engineers to deliver the highest quality wireless network systems, and wireless monitoring solutions, to be developed in the United States to date. Our dedication and belief in our vision and innovation, together with the satisfaction of our clients, are the driving force behind our unique products..