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Protect goods & perishables with LionRT®

Accessible anytime and anywhere, extensive team building and team management, and the most comprehensive set of remote features and operations.

Eliminate uncertainty, deliver total control of when, who, and how goods were handled with our proprietary graph database that tracks and records goods from their raw-material stage until they're delivered in Last-Mile Logistics. Real-Time means your organization and operator can know when something is wrong, and we deliver the machine automations to make them right without additional effort.

Instantaneous Paperless

Whether you are delivering to a customer in the Last-Mile, a warehouser, processing plant, or another player in the supply chain we can automate your transactions process. Save time with our automated inspections, and offload your customer service and disputes to us. It's just the beginning, we file instantaneous and validated insurance claims during those traditionally nasty instances when non-conformance exists and someone really cared about it.

LionRT integrates data from 3PL, and our exception monitoring is 90% fault-tolerant. When feces hits the oscillating cooling blades, it's your records and our ability to assist your performance in Real-Time that counts the most. When we do detect an exception, and where non-conformance exists, leverage our ability to protect against catastrophic losses.


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