Our IoT Infrastructure is an Aggregation Blockchain

We track "things", real-life occurrences, to enhance accountability, sustainability, and to decrease risks associated with chains of activities. We call this a value chain. The "things" are data from sensors or other authenticated input, and they are agglomerated and heaped to one single source of truth for automated records, liability management, and Real-Time benefits.

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The benefits of blockhain in your operations infrastructure

Pay for Only What You Use

Our forward thinking and declarative API is designed to save you loads in terms of assets, liability, and effort. Evolve your operations with today's best technologies.


Implement your own standards of visibility and accountability. Use us to identify vendor health, manage compliance, and let us reduce or eliminate the threat of recalls from damaging your operations and brand.


Take control with our reseller authentication services, and use us to manage your compliance for your most valuable and trusted partners. We cover perishable and non-perishable goods, and processes including construction and general monitoring.


Your customers are expecting the blockchain experience. Gain depth to your customer experience while managing your own compliance and monitoring needs.

Custom Compliance Measures

We are a plug-and-play solution to any compliance measuring need. Tell your vendor you want LionRT added to your existing enterprise infrastructure. Self-hosted and vendor-hosted options available for your privacy.

Upgrade your value chain

with IoT infrastructure and aggregation blockchain