Last Mile Connections in Real-Time

You can find us at the intersection of where customers and 3PL partners meet enterprise infrastructures. Our goal is to make data actionable, and the value chain an experience that reaches the Last Mile.

The benefits of blockhain in your operations infrastructure

LionRT About Us


Exception liability management tools for the Last-Mile

Network bridge to 3PL partners & customers

Make all the things in your value chain actionable.

  • Extended Monitoring of Performance and Compliance at the Last Mile
  • Machine Learning Analytics of Performance Quality & Exception Detection
  • Easy to Configure Automations, Blame Analysis, and Visualizations
Exception liability management tools for the Last-Mile

Automate all the things!

With all that data actionability comes great flexibility.

  • IoT/M2M (machine responses)
  • API or Human Based Actions (business responses)
  • Internal Functions as Docker Images on a Registry


Engagement with customers at another level. Greater insights to your partner ecosystem helps prevent damage to your operations and brand.

Connecting Manufacturers to Customers at the Last-Mile
Logistics Solutions for the Last Mile


Empower your drop shipment and logistics activities with IoT networks, sensors, and disposable in-package units. Combine the power of IoT for greater advantages in conformance management and limited liabilities to save you costs.


Your customers are expecting the blockchain experience. Gain depth to your customer experience while managing your own compliance and monitoring needs.

Retail Experience

Custom Fit Procedures

Add us as a layer to existing infrastructures for enhanced conditions-based analysis and responses. Check out our list of offerings for more details.

Upgrade your value chain

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